Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The “Nosh” Escapade

Nosh” is Hebrew-Israeli slang for “goodies”, candy, cookies, and the like. We generally don’t have any in the house. Occasionally we buy a bit for shabbas, but not as a rule. There is only one event that invariably calls for purchasing of snack foods: a school trip.
Now I don’t remember taking hordes of snack foods on school trips as a child, but Israeli kids do. And while I am loathe to support such nonsense, I allow my kids to take some unhealthy snacks on school trips, but I try and limit it to a reasonable amount.
So when Ricki came bouncing through the door yesterday afternoon with the announcement that she has a school trip today, I reluctantly gave her permission to go to the grocery store to buy some empty calories.
-“A LOT of sweets! ________ (a classmate) said so!”
-"Ricki , I allow you to purchase 2 SMALL snacks. No more.”
The only problem was that this conversation was held only minutes before I left the house for the entire evening. She would go to the mini market on her own......

I returned at 11:00 PM yesterday evening to discover a $20 purchase (76 shekels) of some six Family-size bags of Bamba (a puffed snack), and eight large bars of luxury chocolate. And Ricki was (thank G-d) already asleep. I’m afraid that one very disappointed child will be setting out on that trip today.......


RivkA with a capital A said...

you inspired my next post! I will post it tomorrow night (late).

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RivkA with a capital A said...

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