Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(Continuation from Yesterday) And Knowing when Not To (Keep Your Mouth Shut)

I was at a Bar-Mitzva. Now for those of you who don’t know, you do two things at a Bar Mitzvah (besides giving a gift): talk and eat! So the friend whose son’s celebration I was attending fully expected me to “dig in” to the plate of food that she was offering me (at 10:30 PM, even!).
-No thanks, I am on a strict diet. No, really.
-WHAT? A diet! After eating all that cake at the retreat two weeks ago?
- WHAT cake?!? I’ll have you know I lost a kilo that week......
-Oh.... I guess you ARE on a diet. (GRIN)
[ But that didn’t stop one older lady from badgering me about “What a shame if the food goes to waste”. REALLY (eye roll). NOT my problem.

[ And actually, I DID keep my mouth shut. I explained myself, but I didn’t EAT]
One of my favorite “excuses” for not eating at someone’s celebration is to claim “Dr.’s orders”. Few argue with that....

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