Friday, November 20, 2009

The Wheeler-Dealer

Wednesday evening I had to take Ricki to get her H1N1 flue vaccination, and afterwards I scurried over with her to our local dental x-rays outlet. Ricki’s dentist asked for the x-rays, and the two locations are very close to each other. Not wanting to make the trip twice, I hurried over as soon as we had completed out 20-minute post-vaccine wait at the health care clinic.
When we arrived, I discovered to my great pleasure that not only had we beat the “arrive by 6:30 PM at the latest” deadline, but the place had no other customers. (I don’t begrudge them their business, but I was glad not to have to wait....)
The fact that there were no other customers meant that the staff there had more time to deal with Ricki, who was looking rather warily at this “I’ve- never-done-this-before” contraption. In the end, Ricki agreed to make the test, but only after wresting from me a promise for popcorn and a soft drink. [She could out-bid a “shuk” seller (open-air market dealer) as well as the best of them....] And she deserved the snacks, because she really kept pretty still as the camera circled around her head for a panoramic film. She only moved a bit once and the film is a BIT fuzzy- but I hope that it is clear enough for what the dentist needs to check: if (and where) there are teeth that have not yet erupted.

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