Monday, November 2, 2009

Monster Face –Chapter 1

Ricki has a horrific habit of making faces... a snarling, ogre-like “mask”.... when anyone looks at her. Now if she would do this to adults who stare, or even older children, I would understand. But she will snarl an angry “NU, what do you want?” at even the tinest tots who only HAPPENED to glance in her direction.
Needless to say, her draculan countenance (if she could, I am sure she would add fangs....) does little to endear her to the toddlers in question, and they invariably go crying to their mothers.
I don’t think at this rate that Ricki is going to make a good “self-advocate”.


RivkA with a capital A said...

I wonder where it comes from?

Why choose a monster face, rather than a smiley face, when looking at others.

What is it about the reactions that appeals to her?


rickismom said...

It isn't the reactions that appeal to her accept that the kids stop looking