Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Phone Conversation

It was Saturday evening, and I had several things that I wanted Ricki to do. But SHE was on the phone. She had also hogged the phone for about an hour on Friday; talking on the phone has become a favored pastime of Ricki’s. But this call was different. She wasn’t talking to her friend, but rather to her friend’s MOTHER. And it was an extended conversation at that. Now Ricki knows the mothers of two of her classmates, but not this mother. But somehow either Ricki had “hit it off” with this woman, or the lady was simply curious about Ricki. It perplexed me a bit.
However, Ricki was holding her side of the conversation very well, telling this woman who was absent on Friday from school, what Ricki wanted of her daughter, etc. But I anyway drew a line after about ten minutes. After all, Ricki DID have things that needed doing. As most teen girls do......

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