Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oy, See What Anger does?

Anger caused me to loose a great picture to share with you. It could have been posted as a post-halloween picture... or in a psycodelic artwork museum. I could have posted it under “joke of the week”.
But no, yours truly lost her temper. And yelled. And went to rectify the damage. And gave stern warnings that said actions should not be repeated....

?”, you ask.
Oh. Yes.
Ricki got into my makeup.
My very limited supply.
And came showing me her purple eye-shadow neck and black mascara nose. And green-tinged cheeks.

I knew I shouldn’t have taken her to the make-up appointment I had on the day of the wedding last week.........

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aww, that's a shame as it would have been a great picture!

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Other than 'always keep a camera handy' (the make-up episode), do you have any tips for a new Dad?