Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Really Cheeky Kid…./ My Sweet daughter / The ADHD mode

Three viginets of Ricki
On Friday night we had some of the family over, and my husband decided to “dress up” his recitation of Kiddush (blessing over wine) with a bit of chazonut (trills in singing). Half of the siblings where rolling their eyes over the extremely long recitation, and Ricki was making a “what in the world are you doing ?” movement with her hand. (Sorry, it’s an Israeli gesture, palm up, a bit hard to describe.)
The next morning, it happened that Ricki had to make her own Kiddush. Suddenly in the middle, she smiled, looked askance at her Dad, and started adding in some trills. She had such an impish grin on her face. A cheeky kid, this one.

This morning my daughter woke up “wet”. I was still asleep, and my husband panicked.(He didn’t realize that Ricki is fully capable of handling the situation herself.) He started yelling at me to get up. That’s when I overheard Ricki: “SHHH Dad, Mommy’s sleeping…….”

So a half hour later I awoke. I went to the kitchen to light the stove with Ricki. She was in full I-need-my-Ritalin mode: not willing to listen, pushing stuff around, and purposefully trying to to anger me. As she left for school (having received her meds, but they had not taken effect yet) she left her eyeglasses on the table, despite my reminder to wear them. Finally a warning of “No computer today if you go to school without the eyeglasses” got her to trudge back up the stairs to retrieve them.

In short: just as varied, just as unpredictable as any of my teens….

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

that's cute that she copied your husband and did the chazzanus thing.