Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To Catch the Moment

When I started this blog I anticipated writing some (see description of blog at right) about overweight and diets, and wrote about my weight (in my profile) “(and determined to change that!)”. Well, I have written almost zilch on the topic, and it seems that my determination was rather weak. My husband thinks I should just give up and resign myself that that is how I will stay. Well, I disagree. I am not willing to give up hope in this area.
For the last several days I have not been feeling 100%, having come down with the flue, and as a result have been eating very little in order to avoid flue symptoms. Suddenly I was easily able to overcome my urge to overeat. HOW? Because I had a priority that overrode the urge to eat. I think that the key must be to find that key that daily I can use to say and believe and remember: “it’s not worth it”. (Plus again, to reduce temptations and things that trigger them.)
The good thing is that as a result of my flue, I am sure my stomach has shrunk this last week (I was eating very little). So I decided that now is the time to catch the moment. To take this as an opportunity to try again. And why not try? I have nothing to lose by trying (besides- grin- a hefty number of kilos).


G6 said...

Nothing to lose but the kilos, and the chance to gain a feeling of self control.
I know.
Been there.
Done that.
Should probably be a bit more careful right now myself.
I'm rooting for you.
I believe in you.
Maybe I'll start believing in myself at the same time....
Looking forward to hearing positive progress reports from you.
Anybody who accomplishes all that YOU DO can surely takle this as well.....

rickismom said...

Thanks, g6 for the encouragement!