Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Tale of Woe

As I mentioned on Tuesday, when we were at the eye doctor’s, his secretary had instilled eye drops in Ricki’s eyes. Then she recommended that we walk around “downstairs” for half-an-hour, while they took effect.
Due to the heat wave we have been having, “outside” was not an option (and anyway the sun is not good for dilating eyes). So we went into the nearby (very air conditioned) shopping mall. I stopped to look at some toys that might be nice for my grandkids, and Ricki simply disappeared. So I started searching for her, trying to curb a wave of panic. I went further down the center aisle, peaking in the store windows, and soon reached a “hub”. One quick glance showed me that I had three floors, and four directions in which I could search.

-How long would it take until Ricki realized that she was lost?
-Would she remember what I have taught her about telling salesladies if she gets lost?
-If I search further, will she come out of a store behind me, go back to the place I had stopped? And then perhaps she would try and look for me in the 25-story office building we had come from?

I paused. What was she most likely to go for? Answer: food. I spotted a candy store just ahead… and yes, she was there.
No, I did not buy her candy. (I asked the store owner if he doesn’t get harried parents dealing with toddlers grabbing sweets, and yes he does….)
I purchased her a drink (decided was better to give in on that to start with, and not argue without end…), gave her a piece of my mind, and headed back upstairs. We made it back, amazingly, on time.

Now I am thinking that I have to sit down with her today, and calmly explain my fears, the dangers, and the to-be-expected consequences of any repeats to this “activity”.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I can imagine that would be frightening for both of you for her to get lost.

Did she understand your speech you gave her, about the dangers of wandering off and getting lost?