Sunday, August 10, 2008

Destroying is Easy

Today is the day we mark the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is a day of mourning and fasting. (If you’re asking why I’m blogging, I wrote this last week….)
You know, it is so easy to destroy things.
-You can ruin a day of school if you yell at your child as he goes out the door.
-You can devastate someone’s self-confidence with a smirk.
-You can demolish (as someone did here recently) a private lesson by interrupting with something not related (in our case, an animal that scared Ricki).
-You can obliterate relationships by not giving people your time (like if you are on the computer too much).
-You can wreck relationships by being over-demanding and critical.
-You can crush people by insisting that they be carbon copies of you.
-You can shatter a child by showing him through actions that you don’t care.
-You can extinguish some of your inner purity by too much self-centeredness.

Building takes longer. But it’s worth it. Each stone in a wall of positive action has reverberations. My mother once said: “Nothing worthwhile is accomplished without work.” How true! I hope I can apply it to my life.


FAB said...

It is sometimes so much easier to destroy than to create. I work every day to remember to put in the effort toward creation. Thanks for this, great blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Very powerful, Rickismom.

The previous post was a good reminder to me to remember the international community in the blogosphere. It takes a few readings to know that a blogger is in another country. My comment on rejection was solely from a US perspective - less broad than I imagined.

Thanks again for all your writing and sharing of your life. Ricki is blessed to be your daughter.