Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ricki in Camp- and the Home Front

Well, according to Ricki’s volunteer, she is having a good time (and behaving herself as well). Yesterday I talked to the volunteer twice, but missed Ricki both times. She didn’t even call to say “good night”, which surprised me. This morning I called and chatted with Ricki for a few moments. She sounded ecstatic (they were going to sing and dance, her favorite pastime. When she answered the phone she said in a real teenager-y voice (real suave) “Hello Mom! What’s up?”
The most amazing thing about Ricki being absent is that my day has become totally flexible. Very few things remain in the category of “Must be done by ___o’clock”. It’s a vacation within a vacation (school break). I can work several hours straight on a project, papers strewn about, and there is no need to stop in the middle, or to prevent Ricki from scattering things. Anyone who knows me knows that I can really get immersed in things, to the point that I reply to someone without really hearing them. Now I don’t even have Ricki around to make me surface from under the “waters” for some air!
The one who is enjoying Ricki’s camp the most is her brother two years her senior. He is the one who often has to help around the house in the wake of her shenanigans….and he doesn’t mind not having to share the computer with her either. (Sharing with me is bad enough!)
And of course I do miss her a bit. But not too badly. That’s because I’m imagining her relishing being a bit more independent.

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FAB said...

It sounds like you're all enjoying camp! That's great, and I'm so gla dto hear it!