Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Too D#*mn Smart

Yesterday Ricki offered to go to the grocery store. She often does, and the cashier there tells me that she behaves better than when I am with her. So she wrote a list, and was prepared to go.
-“Let me see the list, Ricki.”
She balked. That set my radar on full power, and finally I saw the list. In addition to some things we needed, and some which we didn’t need , Ricki had written:
1 snack
3 borekas (a potato-filled puff pastry)

Well, well… I was not surprised. She LOVES borekas. So I explained that going to the grocery does NOT include buying sweets, and not buying things that she knows I don’t want. She appeared sorry, and wrote a new list, minus the “extras”.
As she exited the house, I spied the pen in her hand. When she wants something, this girl can be SO smart, her IQ must be 80 at least - at those moments. Wish she’d channel that brainpower over to her math skills……..

A few minutes later, I phoned the grocery, and she had YES purchased borekas. Guess who won’t be going to the grocery for a while……..

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