Friday, July 18, 2008

Mommy Does Do Something

I think that I finally have an answer to those family members who say I do nothing but sit on the computer / study with Ricki or prepare materials / volunteer for Down syndrome organizations.
I should have taken a video on my arrival home after four days at the Down syndrome conference. Despite my son having “done the dishes and the laundry” at least once, the house was a wreck. The bathroom needed disinfecting; the sink was full to overflowing with dishes. In addition, the table in the living room was piled high with assorted toys and games, crayons and scissors. And there were about 4 loads of dirty laundry waiting for my attention. (This is despite the fact that I had washed all of the family’s clothing down to the last sock before my departure.)
Thus, it stands to reason, that normally, in addition to preparing study materials for Ricki, I :
-Do all the things we hired people to do while I was at the conference.
-Do the things we forwent when I was gone (taking Ricki to private dance/ swimming classes)
-Do what family members did instead of me during my absence
-Do what usually gets done, and wasn’t done during my vacation.

Case rested.


Chris said...

Sorry you came home to such chaos. As we know, Mommies often end up doing EVERYTHING!

Hope your kids helped you restore some order to your house, and that you at least had a good time being away.

FAB said...

Isn't it amazing that when family thinks you are home all day, they assume you are doing nothing worthwhile...Do you know one of the reasons I love working is because staying at home is really hard work! I tried staying at home with the kids once and it was disastrous! For me personally I am a better mother because I'm not a domestic goddess (I prefer that to housewife-people don't take it seriously as a real job).

I hope that life is returning to calm and order in your house, and I hope that in your absense your family recognized how valuable the work you do really is!