Saturday, December 1, 2007

the teen and the FM

Well, barely 2 days after getting a FM addition to Ricki's hearing aid, Ricki has managed to break it. The aid was a bit dislodged, and was squeaking in her ear. As she took it out, she tugged on the "boot" of the FM and broke it. At least this part is not the super-duper expensive piece, but I am sure is also not cheap.
When we purchased the FM, the speech therapist said that Ricki shouldn't handle it, and I was quiet, even though I knew that she WOULD. I mean, can you really expect a child with a squeak in her ear to go "tell Mommy"? A teenager?
Actually it was my fault that it broke. I should have TAUGHT her how to take off the aid without tugging on the boot. But then, I didn't realize how fragile that "boot" part was. You would think that for over $1500 they could have used a more durable plastic. I mean, it IS used by kids……

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