Thursday, December 27, 2007


I saw some advertisements today, and I really wondered: “Who are they speaking to?”
While youths may be carefree and careless with spending, the people with the money are adults. So why are 70% of the advertisements hinting at least (if not blatantly saying): Use our product and be attractive, young, and sexy! Apparently because that is what sells.
However, take your average 40 year old father. It seems to me that his day-to-day world will be more concerned about many other things than this appearance thing. Get a group of 32 year old women together, and they are more than likely to be talking about housework, kids, and the newest movie that they saw.
In addition, the fact is that the real power people in this world are the politicians (most who are at least 40 I suspect), executives, professionals… many of whom are married and settled down.
The point I want to get to is that somewhere along the line, society has bought into this “be young and sexy” quest, far afield from any journey towards kindness, to develop meaningful relationships with our spouse, to be responsible adults. Precisely because these advertisements work, it says a lot about what our priorities are.
And then in the end, where does this bombardment of nearly nude (photo retouched) women leave your normal not-such-a-model-figured woman? I suspect very displeased with herself. From where are women expected to get the strength to battle this “You are worthless” message?
And for heavens’ sake why in the world do they imply that you have to be ultra thin, and then even put a model on the chocolate ads. I promise you that “the brown temptation” won’t help you get any younger!

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