Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cruel Mom

If I get ONE more "What do you expect from that poor retarded kid" look today, I think I'll get nauseous. Ricki had extensive dental work done this morning, and woke up from the general anesthetic rather quickly. Once she awoke, she had to stay there until she had drunk a glass or two of water, and gone to the bathroom. Now Ricki without her Concerta tends to be a rather ornery person, and this morning was no exception. That's OK; I was expecting it. But expecting bad behavior and understanding it has nothing to do with allowing and condoning it. So when Ricki threw glasses of water on the floor, I made her pick up the glass, and the second time I also tried to have her help a bit to clean up. People were looking at me with that "How can you be so cruel" look, and of course one worker gave her FIVE prizes so that she should drink. (Thus she effectively rewarded Ricki for misbehaving.) I even tried to give her the concerta as we left, but the cafeteria in the hospital had no yogurts (which is what she usually uses to swallow her pills), only cakes and soft drinks. The only positive things were that no one called her Sweetie" as she was acting up (I would have had a fit…), and that she fell asleep on the bus home. Arriving at the home front, I stuffed her concerta down her, even though it was almost noon. So she'll be up to 11pm. Anyway there is a party in school tomorrow.

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