Friday, December 14, 2007

Things that I Appreciate

-Entertainment advertisements that list the price of tickets to the play/ exhibit
-Doctors and dentists who respect you enough to receive you (more or less) at the time of your set appointment. (More on this some post soon)
-Receptionists who notice that your child with special needs is in "meltdown" and pass you to the front of the line (which occurred, of course, because it is already 90 minutes since you arrived on time for your appointment).
- Caterers who remember that 65% of the population is on a diet, and provide diet drinks as well as regular.
-Store owners who do NOT put candy, breakable toys, or breakable china at toddler height.
- People who when your toddler or special needs teen is having a "meltdown" pass by without a comment. (The worst are those who say "Oh, isn't he SUCH a SWEETIE!", offering a candy as well.) (If I ever commit murder, you'll know why…..)
-Manufacturers who make containers that actually open the way they are supposed to. (It tears along the dotted line; the ring doesn't break on touch, etc.)
-Automated phone information services that have an option to speak to a real live person, so you can ask that one question that they forgot to program in (usually the price).
- Any minor electrical appliance that lasts over a year.
-Clothing manufactures who realize that not every teen is a model, and thus use some elastic in their skirt waistbands.
-Toys that don't need ten minutes to unwrap, and which wait at least two weeks after being given to the grandchildren before it self-destructs.
- Buttons that don't fall off clothing within one month of purchase.
-Waiting-for-service phone music which is not half-advertisement. And the best is the one that tells you which number in line you are (every minute or so), in order that you can gauge if the wait is worth it or not.

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