Monday, December 17, 2007

An Open Letter to All Doctors and Therapists

Here is my promised post on doctor's appointments.

I would be rich if Doctors/therapists/dentists/ plumbers/ computer technicians would pay ME when they are over 30 minutes late. Innumerable times I have taken expensive taxis to reach an appointment on time, by therapists/doctors who would charge me if I didn't come, only to sit (fuming) for more than an hour before being received.
Sometimes I have postponed a necessary doctor's appointment by several weeks, in order to get the first appointment of the day. (Which I wanted in order that my then-unmedicated daughter with ADHD not be "bouncing off the walls" by the time we get into our appointment an hour late, as this doctors' appointments usually go.) Imagine my frustration when the doctor arrives 50 minutes late and meanwhile Ricki (my daughter) is poking all the babies in the room, and their mothers are growling at me.
So professionals, I ask you:
Why do you think, in your efforts to be "totally booked" ( and not heaven forbid, lose one minute of earning time), that it is permissible for you to steal my LIFE (30 minutes of it)?

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