Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Service dog video /Ricki's Tishe B'Av Fast

If you haven't seen this video (Service Dog to SURFice dog), click on it to go to You Tube. It is great.
Mind you, this does not mean that we do not TRY to help our kids with special needs succeed "normally". What they can do, we will help them learn. But in the end, we need to be satisfied with what results.

For example, I wrote two years ago (the Tishe B'av post mentioned yesterday)how Ricki fasted much of the day. This year, Ricki was adament that come morning, she WOULD NOT FAST. And I was OK with this. But after a few rice cakes today, she fasted the entire day until about an hour before the end of the fast. Now Ricki's sister, seeing everything in the "ALL OR NOTHING" light, rather disregarded Ricki's accomplishment. But I witnessesed how she was struggling already three hours before the fast 's end, and think that she deserves REAL CREDIT for making the effort. Who says that she has to be 100% ????????


tesyaa said...

Who says that she has to be 100% ????????

I totally agree. We have to give our kids credit for their tremendous effort and NOT compare them to other kids.

tesyaa said...

I mean, not ALWAYS compare them to other kids.