Monday, July 26, 2010

On a Positive Note

Today I was thinking that I have really been letting my readers down. My writing as late has not been up to par, and I simply “grab” whatever negative things Ricki has done that day, and plop it on the cyber-page of the blog.
And that’s not rally fair, not to you, and not to Ricki. Because there are a lot of positive things that Ricki does, that I take for granted, and never get noted here. And that really gives you a rather negative and one-sided view of what Ricki is like. So I am bli neder (without promising) going to try and change that. And I will start right now.
Yesterday afternoon Ricki and I went shopping. And those of you who are veteran readers know that shopping with Ricki used to be akin to entering a combat zone (well, not quite!).
Ricki requested several items over the course of the hour and a half that we were out. Some I purchased; most I refused. And with a disgruntled sigh, she accepted my vetos. She was interested all along about which store we wer5e going to next, and would ask me more than once if the answer was not clear to her.
In the end, as we reached the bottom of the building, I told Ricki that I was going to take an hour’s walk, and could she please take all the purchases upstairs and let herself in with the key?
Yes, she could, would, and did.


Ilana said...

Glad to hear the positive news -- but I don't think your recent posts have been overwhelmingly negative.

rickismom said...

Yes, SQ613, but you are not a "fresh" mom. I am afraid that if I don't mention the obvious good things, new moms will get the wrong picture. I try not to be "pollyanna-ish"... BUT I do want a positive tone to be there....