Friday, July 9, 2010

Cooking Gadgets

A few months ago I passed by a branch of COOKSTORE, and intrigued at the name, went in. What I discovered was a plethora of every type of cooking pot, appliance, and gadget that can be imagined. The items are good quality, but expensive. The temptation to buy items you may not really need is great. But I did find a few items that I felt were worth the investment.
[image: cooking supplies]

The three items I purchased were:
1) A nifty plastic cup and cover for microwaving an egg (shelled). In seconds you have a perfect soft-boiled egg; perfect for hectic busy mornings
2) A spray bottle for oil. I originally bought this for Passover, as there is no oil spray with a certification for Passover that I use. But in the end, I kept it for the entire year, for spraying olive oil on salads, fish, etc. To get enough pressure to spray you have to “pump” it a bit; it is not as convenient as the commercial sprays. However, if you (or someone who is your guest) uses only certain chechshers (kashrut supervision), this can be a G-dsend. And long term, can result in saving money as well.
[image: salad]

3) The third item was a nifty “fine Julianne” peeler. Using it is rather labor-intensive, so it is not practical for large amounts of vegetables, but if you want a bit of thin carrot strips to liven up your salad, using this peeler sure beats having to drag out the food processor!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Hope you get some fun out of your Julienne.

(That coleslaw looks delectable!)