Monday, July 12, 2010

Beneath the Wings (a Poem)

[image: potter] I wrote this poem over a year ago, about something that was going on in my life. But I think that it is appliciable to the feelings one could have with any "test" we find difficult.

G-d, please shelter me,
Comfort this heart,
Be as a wall around me

My life is torn asunder
The dream is dead
Yet I stand
I survive.

The Hope is gone
A cataclysmic hole
In my soul.

I have none but You
To hold me
Beneath Your wings,
To heal me,
And soothe
This battered being,
In a world gone crazy.

My life has cascaded down,
Like a house of cards
Strewn in the cyclone’s winds…
And only You are constant,
Only You, Beneath Your wings.

For in Your shadow
A soothing stream of Love
Cocoon around my soul,
Wrapping the ache and searing pain
And tho’ I never will be whole again
I turn to You G-d
To support my stand
To enable me to fly…..
For I roost
Beneath Your wings,
Caressed by the soothing hand
And even a sometimes hardened hand…

The firm grip of the potter
Fashioning my life, my being

But His is a grip
That will never desert me.

His hands shaping the clay
Of my existence
Day by Day
Even if I do not see it,
Beneath the Wings

[PS The image of a potter is not my idea. It comes from the litergy of the high holy days.]

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Ilana said...

Wow, thank you! Your posts so often come at the right time for me.