Friday, June 4, 2010

A Different Shopping Expedition

Yesterday I went shopping with Ricki. Her shabbas skirt had several holes, and her reserve skirt is not enough for the day plus of “shabbas”(Friday evening and Saturday until dark, the “sabbath”). So we searched through the stores for something that looked nice, and we found, at a reasonable price. But best of all, is that Ricki BEHAVED. Anyone who has read my posts from two years ago (like THIS and THIS)knows that Ricki generally was NOT a well-behaved child on shopping trips. But yesterday she listened to me, accepted my decision not to buy her a drink (she HAD one in her bag), and didn’t argue with me no end about various things. After buying the skirt, I bought her a watch, and a pair of shoes, which had not been part of my original plan.
Coming home, as we climbed the stairs, Ricki turned to me and said , “Thanks Mom for going shopping with me and buying me this stuff.” I was VERY VERY pleased!

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