Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Drink

Yesterday mid-day until the middle of the evening, we had no flowing water. A pipe had burst on shabbas, and unable to fix it then, we had turned off the main water line to the apartment, in order to stop the geyser erupting from the sink in my older daughter’s bedroom.
We caller a plumber on Saturday evening, who came within an hour, did his work, collected his fee, and left. The “Problem” was solved.
While all this was happening, I was busy finishing a novel I had started to read LAST Saturday. [I was able to excuse my not "diving" into post-shabbas work (like washing dishes and doing some laundry)because there was NO WATER. (GRIN. Anything to be able to read.....)] So Ricki went about fixing her school bag for today without any encumbrance from me.
Apparently (or at least such I suspect), Ricki, deciding that there was no water in the pipes, went off to the service porch to take a bottle of soda. There she happened on a glass mug owned by her brother, which contained a can of drink, and she requisitioned it in the name of thirsty students with Down syndrome.
Late last night, I noticed that my pen-bag was missing, and went straight to Ricki’s school bag to see if they had been pilfered by my dear daughter. There I discovered the drink, and Ricki’s older brother (the one who is in the army, and who is older than the owner of the can),smiled and said “That is Y____’s decorative jug.” Then he quipped: “I would have LOVED to see Ricki’s teacher’s expression when she would see Ricki extracting ONE LITER OF BEER from her bag!”
I have to admit, so would I…….

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