Monday, June 14, 2010

Try So Hard to Play for Her “Audience”

We all, on the whole, care about what others think of us, and sometimes do things because we know that others will see what we are doing.
Ricki, in this respect, is no different from the rest of us. She wants people to approve of her, especially if they are important people in her life (like her classmates and teacher).
Thus Ricki will often go to great trouble in the evening to prepare her 10:00 snack for the next school day. Invariably, this will consist of salad, fruit, and a yogurt. Ricki will banter about how healthy the food is, and how her classmates will approve. However the next morning she will invariably pack into her school bag (in addition to the “health snack”) a chocolate-spread sandwich. Then, at day’s end, the fruit and salads will be returned, in a rather inedible state. Thus it seems that for Ricki, like for many of us, the emotional side wins out over common sense in the end. Apparently she can kid herself about her “healthy” snack, and satisfy her stomach all at once……

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