Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bossy Classmate

Of course, one of the problems with special education is that the other students ALSO have an intellectual disability, and this sometimes creates problems. A case in point:
After quizzing Ricki several times, it appears that a girl in her class has been telling Ricki NOT to wear her glasses. This girl is very bossy, and it is hard for girls to resist her opinion. So Ricki stuffs them into her overly-packed school bag. No wonder they break so often. Only good point: this girl is old enough that next year she will not be in Ricki’s class…..
But I now REALLY have to talk to the teacher……

PS This morning Ricki asked "NU.....???" (a yiddish expression), and asked when her glasses will be ready.I told her that they would be ready (hopefully) on Sunday. "I see you need them. But will you WEAR them at school?"
-"You know, S_____ (the bossy girl) is NOT your mother!
-(bashfull smile)

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