Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today I entered a “trinkets” store with Ricki. Unnoticed by me (I was examining the hair accessories) she immediately started filling up a shopping bag with all sorts of baubles and junk. On discovering this, I informed her highness that everything had to be put back in place before any negotiations would be held concerning purchases. The store owner, while at least not offering to let her have it all as gifts (I guess it was too much), kept telling me that HE would return the items, pointing out that as fast as she returned items, she picked more up. I replied to him that she needed an education, and that his store was empty; we could not be bothering other purchasers. Eventually something clicked in Ricki’s head, and she put the stuff back. We bought one small item, and left. However, as luck would have it, when returning the one outrageously priced item that they sell, Ricky accidentally broke it. SIGH I suppose she will grow up some day….


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