Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes I Get “Fed Up”

Yesterday morning, when I sat down to write the late-afternoon post, I noticed SEVERAL items thrown in back of the computer.

Papers, a soup bowl, a pair of underpants.....

Now, I had moved the computer and cleaned there THOROUGHLY just 2 days ago in anticipation of a computer technician’s visit. And always (when I see the stuff) I make Ricki clean up whatever she throws on the floor, whether it is behind the computer, next to the stove, or wherever.
Obviously I left the discarded items there and made her pick them up on her return from school. But sometimes I just get so “fed up” and exasperated with the innumerable times I need to intervene with Ricki. The fact that she needs behavior training on SO many areas... it just makes me tired sometimes. (But only occasionally.)

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RivkA with a capital A said...

me too (and my child is only ADD, not DS -- I cannot fathom how much more challenging it is with a DS kid!)