Friday, January 8, 2010

Sneaky Snack #3 – Caught Red-Handed

Well, I see that Friday seems to be the day that Ricki loses control (see HERE for last week’s incident), because again today Ricki went to the grocery without permission. Not only without permission, but expressly against my orders.
I first suspected the impending larceny when Ricki said “I am insulted that you watch me from the window.” Now this is a girl, who for all of her contrariness and drive for independence, still loves to wave goodbye to me as she gets into the school’s cab. So her statement made me VERY suspicious. I warned her very clearly that she was NOT to go to the grocery.
To Ricki’s bad luck, I was planning on going “walking” and getting a few thousand steps in before starting my pre-shabbas (Sabbath) preparations, and I arrived downstairs moments after she had gone down. And she was nowhere in sight.
So I promptly went to the grocery and caught Ricki red-handed with a bag of three (3!!!) borekas (borekas is the Hebrew equivalent of the Yiddish knish, a potato pastry... and a calorie bomb....), several pieces of marmalade, and a small chocolate bar. I promptly confiscated it, and as Ricki rejectedly left the store, I whispered to the cashier to charge it, and I would return later to collect it, not wanting Ricki to know that I had brought the bag home. (Her brothers will get the “windfall”.)
Obviously my word was not enough to stop her, so she will need to get a punishment this afternoon, both for going without permission, AND for not listening to me. Never a dull moment with this kid.......


Anonymous said...

Why not simply tell the grocer not to sell anything. This can be a punishment for a week or a month and can be repeated every time she lapses until the lesson is learned.

rickismom said...

Except that she takes a bag and fills it with borekas and candies that are sold by weight. After she contaminates these items with her dirty hands, he can not resell it, and anyway she wouldn't give it to them. They know (most of them) not to let her buy packaged candies without a paper. What I DO do is deny her the privilege of going to the grocery for family shopping.