Friday, January 1, 2010

An Independent bus Ride OR The The Sneaky Snack: Part Two

Tuesday evening, Ricki came home from music class, this being the first PLANNED “bus ride alone”.

The music teacher called (a bit late) to say that Ricki was on her way, having seen her get on the correct bus, and mentioning to the driver where Ricki needed to get off. (ie, not THAT independent a ride, this first time....).I quickly sent my son to meet her at the bus stop. But fifteen minutes later he called me from his cell phone to state that she had NOT arrived.
So where in the world was she?!?
Did she come on an earlier bus, arriving minutes before my son did? If so, where was she?
Did she get off the stop before/after? Again, if so, she should be home already!
A few minutes later, she showed up downstairs, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I noticed the roll.
“Ricki, where did you get the roll?”
“I dunno....”
“Where did you get the roll?!?”
“in the grocery......”

So the roll (and chocolate and marmalade....) were confiscated, and Ricki got a rousing “telling-off”.
I hope that this is the end of this episode of a “sneaky snack”, and that grocery store visits don’t become a habit......

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