Friday, January 8, 2010

The Little Boy with Down Syndrome

Well, Ricki’s last pair of glasses broke, so after her swimming class yesterday evening we went running to the optometrist to order a new pair of eyeglasses. As we were waiting, my attention was drawn to a cute 5 year old boy with Down syndrome. (And his 2 sisters were eying Ricki constantly. After a while, I mentioned to Ricki, “You see that little boy? He also has Down syndrome.”
-“No he doesn’t.”
-“Ricki, look. Can’t you see?”

And I could see that she did. So she started a conversation with him, and with his sisters. For once I felt that she was comfortable with the reality that she has Down syndrome.

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Anonymous said...

How does she view herself? How much does she know that she is different? I'm so curious about what my own daughter will understand about herself, but without a diagnosis I can't even begin to imagine yet.