Friday, October 30, 2009

Walking in the Drizzle

This morning, as I did a bit of aerobic walking in the drizzle, I couldn't help but think of this song:

However, in all seriousness, one DOES have to be careful if you are out walking quickly in the rain. Certain pavements can be very slippery, and someone who falls and breaks a leg won't get much exercise walking.....

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Unknown said...

Yup, we do have to be careful walking in the rain - I've slipped and fallen on slippery pavement one too many times and it was usually because there were mud on the pavement and I could not see it. I've gotten mud all over my clothes, which does NOT please me as I am tight with money and cannot wash my clothes often - I wear something at least two or three times before I toss it in the hamper. It costs $1.25 (USA) to wash and again another $1.25 to dry the clothes. The washers are quite small but luckily we have huge dryers so we are able to throw in at least three loads in one dryer. I don't like rain nor snow nor even the cold. Texas is warm most of the time but it is getting to be cold now and I had to splurge for a down coat at the store so I could stay very warm (over-reaction, I know, for Texas, but I grew up in the midwest (Wisconsin and Minnesota) since the age of 4 and I was also born in Colorado so it was a knee-jerk reaction to the cold coming to Texas). I just don't like even being cool at all. I like to be overly warm, because the cold hurts my bones. I may start waking up to cracking bones in my hands and numb feet and legs due to poor circulation in my legs from the cold like last year. I may have early onset arthritis even though I am only 29. Anyhow, I agree with you about being careful in the rain. I hardly ever leave the house when it is raining unless I get to ride in a car. Sorry for the long reply. Obviously I have ADD and yes I have been diagnosed with it since the age of 4 or so. :)