Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friends, Real Friends

I owe a big thanks to Ricki’s friends from her former school. I was afraid that they would forget her as they went a different way from her, and to a different school, and I am still sure that this will eventually happen. The question being, how long will their connection last.
In the meantime, at least, they have maintained the connection, and the last week and a half was an excellent example. First, they organized and made for Ricki a big birthday party with most of the girls from her former class. All I had to do was let Ricki go.
* * *
This last Sunday, Ricki’s best friend from her former class had a family celebration (bar mitzvah), and had called the week before to invite us. I had told her that regretfully, I had a prior obligation, and could not come. (And Ricki would obviously not be traipsing around alone at 10 PM either....)
Then on sunday afternoon, TZ., another good friend from last year called to ask if Ricki was coming to the bar mitzvah. I explained why not, and TZ interrupted me: “Rickismom, I’ll take her, if that is OK with you.”
It was, and Ricki had a great time.

Real People. Real Friends!

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Anonymous said...

That is a real friend. Certainly, if TZ took Ricki and was responsible for her, that had to impinge on her own enjoyment of the event, just a little bit. (Not to say that Ricki isn't enjoyable, but I know how I feel when I go to a wedding with my kids and I know how I feel when I go WITHOUT my kids). So TZ was willing to give up a little of her own simcha so Ricki could participate. That is so special!