Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Sukkah Holiday

We had a real last-minute rush to get our sukkah up and functional before the holiday. The plus side is that it is bigger and airier than in previous years.[This week is the week-long tabernacle-"booths" holiday. We eat in temporary dwellings (in this case on our roof, with permanent walls but a non-solid roof.]
Ricki had a great time on the holiday today, and spent most of the afternoon with her friends. Later, as daylight faded, she "hung out" with some younger girls from downstairs. But after a while, I noticed that one of the youngest was making fun of Ricki, so I called her upstairs. (I think Ricki realized that the girl was making fun of her, but she put up with it for the company. How sad...) As Ricki walked away from the group, the little girl's older sister reprimanded her, but I am wondering if that was for MY benefit.But most of the day she was with friends from her class last year, who really accept her, yet demand normative behavior as well....

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rutimizrachi said...

I am always amazed, at Sukkot and Pesach, that things come together miraculously, no matter how behind we are. Some years may be more "b'seder" than others -- but it always happens.

May you and your dear family have a very sweet 5770!