Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teen with the Trailing Streamers

Today Ricki came home from school, after a school party, flamboyant red crepe paper streamers tied to her wrists, and a helium balloon as well. I understand that they wanted to girls to have fun. But WHY should she be allowed outside of the school doors (IF you have to give balloons to 15 and 17 year-olds at all....), decked out in a way suitable for a five-year old?
[When Ricki graduated from eighth grade a few months back, they also wore streamers at the song and dance production, but ALL the students took off the streamers before leaving the building. (Admittedly Ricki took hers off only due to verbal arm-twisting on my part....)]
I will have to speak to the teacher about this. We need to promote in Ricki and her classmates the attitude that they have the appearance, responsibilities, and maturity of their fellow teens. They are NOT little girls in a big body, but teens with an intellectual disability. There IS a difference.

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Marsha said...

AMEN TO THAT!!!! I am trying to picture Ricki with streamers and balloons attached to her waist and I have to admit that its not a good picture. Ricki is a teenager and if you treat her like a kid, she will act like a kid. Keep up the good work on treating her like the teenager she is.

rickismom said...

Today I trecked over to the school and registered a calm yet passionate complaint. She agreed, but then said that "some of the girls wanted". I countered that THIS is EDUCATION, and it should be treated as "self-evident" that one does not go outside dressed like a kindergarden child.

emma said...

I totally agree that adults with intellectual disability should NOT be treated as "large children", it's so wrong I don't know where to start on the subject.

Having said that, I have a vague memory as a young teenager of wearing some very dubious items given the opportunity (fancy dress being the usual excuse), but by 15 or 16 this had(pretty)much stopped.

It's great that you always confront these issues with the teachers.

RivkA with a capital A said...

In an ideal world, there should be nothing wrong with any age kid walking around with streamers and a balloon.

I have been know to carry home a helium balloon.

I'm over 40, but I still like balloons.

No one thinks twice about it, 'cause I am a "normal" adult (little do they know...)