Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Non –Pacifist (A Post Just for Fun)

I wrote here once about how I used to be a pacifist. Well, anyone seeing me last week would never have believed it.
On morning I discovered to my horror, that my counter top was swarming with ants. The weather had been hot, and someone told me that the heat brings them out. So I annihilated the whole lot of critter crawlers. I went out not long after, and on my return, my husband mentioned a further advance wave of ants he saw exiting a hole by the faucet. (He had drowned them out....). As I entered the kitchen to investigate, I saw a whole advancing phalange of ants approaching the counter from the left. With that I unrolled the weapons of mass destruction (bug spray), and let them have it.
Followed by a thorough cleaning, an anti-ant liquid poured down cracks in the kitchen, I waged war with gusto. But I still couldn’t help wishing that they had stayed put in their wall, so I could have left them alone.
I think I’m hopelessly, absolutely, crazy!

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RivkA with a capital A said...

I waged a failing was against the ants until I finally admitted defeat and called the exterminator.

He charged me all of 150 NIs (about $35) and the problem disappeared.

He didn't charge for follow ups. And the next job he did for us, he charged even less.

Had I known how cheap and easy it was, I would have called earlier.