Thursday, August 20, 2009

Postscript to "You Must Have Trouble...."

First, please go back and read this Post.
Last time I was in the US with Ricki, 2 years ago, I really did have a fair amount of trouble with her in stores. This time I haven't really. The difference is very evident, and is considerable. It gives me such encouragement, as it is suddenly so evident to me just how much we have accomplished in this area in the last two years.
"He who sows in tears reaps with JOY!"


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes!

It is such a bracha (blessing) to be able to savor each accomplishment.

My son is using little sentences as of the past week. He is communicating verbally! Of course, there is such a long way to go. But I am so excited.

Staying Afloat said...

I'm so excited for you. I need to do that more, to take my son along b'davka to teach him.

ds.mama said...

How encouraging! Kudos to you for keeping strong and loving Ricki so much.

ds.mama said...

btw, I don't know if I told you but I have you listed under the It's a Small World heading.