Sunday, August 30, 2009

School starts on Monday... in Caravans

We have received notice that Ricki is to start school.... her first year in a separte "special ed" program. All the talk about a new and better building has not yet come to fruition, though. They are studying in the same old "caravanim" (portable temporary classrooms), simply in a MORE distant location, more far from any "regular" students. I am trying not to jump to bad conclusions.


Anonymous said...

My sons all went to a special ed preschool in trailers, which were on the grounds of a regular elementary school. Inside, the classrooms looked just like normal classrooms. A year or two ago they replaced the trailers with even bigger, nicer trailers. Going to classes in trailers just wasn't a big deal.

rickismom said...

What bothers me mostly is the distance from the regular school that they SUPPOSEDLY are a part of.