Friday, August 7, 2009

Kosher Food and Ricki

Since Ricki and I are both observant orthodox Jews, we eat only Kosher food. She is used to the fact that in our town, just about everything available in the local store is kosher.
However, such is not the case in America. Before our previous trip, I had drilled into Ricki that she could only eat what I agreed to. And all in all, she managed that pretty well last time.
In the intervening two years, she has become much more well-behaved in stores, but more beligerant in her relations to others. I was afraid that her teen side would interfere with her agreeing to only eat under my approval. However, on our arrival, she was given something by her grandmother (who knew which certification to look for). And Ricki right away came and asked me if it was kosher. EUREKA!


G6 said...

What a success!
This must be very hard for her given her affinity to certain food.
Kol Hakavod.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Go Ricki!