Thursday, August 27, 2009

Odds and Ends on Walking and Dieting...and Coming Home

Well, I am finally home after three weeks in the US. I loved my stay; nevertheless it is good to be home.
It was great to get out last night and do some walking after spending two days in transit. I even didn't have the chance to walk as much as I had hoped in the airports, as one flight was delayed, so they had to ferry Ricki and I with a service car in Philidelphia in order to reach the next flight. (We were the last ones to board.)(Our luggage did NOT make that connection; we should finally get them today.)
I am also enjoying the luxury of having all my pots and pans and a full kosher kitchen (as opposed to the bare minimum I had in America). The wonderful taste of REAL vegetable soup ( a BIG pot full, which can contain several types of vegetables and herbs) as opposed to a packaged soup. The fun of chomping on lettuce (we use special kosher bug-free lettuce, which I didn't find in Colorado....), and the wealth of cheap fruit.
...Oh, and the lovely sea-level air, which one or two deep breathes will fill your lungs with enough oxygen that you are not panting for more. Suddenly I can walk QUICKLY, without pausing to catch my breath.
And luckily, I missed, it seems, the worst of August's heat. It is coolish at night (well, at least not hot), and I was able to do my aerobic walking without getting too overheated. I may even have to start walking more hills, as my regular "pretty flat" circuit is suddenly too easy.
What I will miss is my mother and brothers, the tremendously beautiful mountains (the pictures I post only give you an idea....).... and, oh yes, and the not-as -humid weather.
When I was in the US, my son noted that the best part of any trip is coming home. It certainly SHOULD be that way. That doesn't mean that we don't need vacation, nor that I didn't enjoy myself. But as Ecclesiasticies says, "there is a time....." (for both).

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