Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Word

There has been a lot of posting about making a “new year’s resolution” of one word to aim at. Well, I had a lot of trouble with that. First, to me January the 1st is not the “new Year”, but rather the Jewish New Year. However, self-improvement is good ANYTIME. But I had a bigger problem thinking of a word that I felt really fitted with where I want to go right now.
Then, suddenly I had an idea that really “rang” with me:

I need to nurture Ricki… help her grow while providing love
I need to nurture and find more time for other family members
I need to nurture myself as well.
I need to nurture my relationship with G-d

NURTURE is good word, because it implies loving, and giving… but also growth. (And in actuality they are interrelated. That best growth comes only through love.)

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