Friday, January 2, 2009


Ricki has a bad habit of throwing things (books, discs, food) into dark corners:
-in back of the computer
-behind her bed
-behind the stove

I have been working very hard to erase this behavior. Today , however, I had to spend about three hours just cleaning discs of, matching them to their boxes, and putting them away. When Ricki was away at music, I pulled her bed away from the fall. It was atrocious in back. I just left it, and on Rickis return, set her to work. Well, she really cleaned it up VERY WELL! She put the books away, swept up the trash, and gave me to discs to clean.
So what do I see when I come in to tuck her into bed? Four booklets on the floor, on the non-hidden side. I told her to pick them up. She did, but put them not into their place. After two minutes I finally got her to put them IN PLACE. I’m hoping that she will learn her lesson speedily.

PS. Ricki found her eyeglasses in her school bag yesterday. Where next time?

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