Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Turn for the Better?

I received a small brochure from a friend on Friday. At first I suspected that it was, in the spirit of the upcoming “Purim” holiday, a satirical parody about inclusion (or lack thereof). However, on pursuing it, I discovered that it was in fact a booklet written to promote inclusion, connected with an agency that used to put obstacles in OUR way a few years ago, when we were pursuing inclusion for Ricki. This agency still, in my opinion, does not give the amount of support needed for inclusion. However, it does seem that it has made a switch in their basic operating mode: that today they do feel that inclusion is feasible, possible, and even positive for children in their pre-grade school years. This alone is a significant step forward.
This was a very interesting discovery for me. For years I have demonized the director of this agency, her name meaning the antithesis of inclusion to me.
Gee, I guess people CAN change, can’t they?

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