Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pesach Cleaning is Fun!

Yes, Pesach cleaning (spring cleaning) can be fun! Here are some hints how:
1. Put on a nice disc/tape when you work. I enjoy snazzy music; the beat energizes me!
2. Drop the expectation of non-helpers helping. You can try and corral them in… but try and drop the anger if they don’t.
3. Appreciate the oder and cleanliness as you expose it. It is FUN to see a drawer that you haven’t cleaned for a few years, free of dust. Take a picture is necessary.
4. If you are tired, yet have no time for a nap, sit down and do deep relaxation for 10-15 minutes. That should perk you up as well as a two hour nap.

Now there are other things you can do as well, but since I don’t practice them (like going to sleep on time…), I won’t preach them! Good night!

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