Friday, March 7, 2008

He Killed an Old Lady

My daughter has a friend who has a friend who killed an old lady last week. He was in the territories, part of an army operation to flush out a known terrorist, when suddenly a woman ran from the house. He thought that she was about to shoot, and instinctively shot before he realized that it was an old lady. He doesn’t feel guilty. The guilt he places at Hamas’s door. But he is not proud of any “heroic” deed. In fact, he is upset that he was the cause, even inadvertently, of shedding the blood of a civilian.
But Hamas, in sending motors to civilian houses in sderot, ones not hiding terrorists, have no such qualms. They are proud of killing, and the pledge is that they will continue. Continue to TARGET kids, moms….. and tonight, high school students in Jerusalem.

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