Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Kleenex Lesson

Ricki went over to the Kleenex box, announcing “At school I learned how to take Kleenex.” As she withdrew two tissues, she counted them off: “One – two - and NOT the WHOLE pack!”

I admit to feeling both pleased and chagrinned. For a LLOONNGG time now I have been telling Ricki that one or two Kleenex is enough, and she doesn’t need a wad of twenty tissues to blow her nose. So I was pleased that she was finally taking an appropriate amount.
I asked Ricki, “Why is it that when I told you this several times, you didn’t listen, but the teacher says it once and you understand???!???”
“Because she’s my teacher and I’m her pupil…”

I mumbled something about parents also being teachers, but I don’t think she was listening….

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