Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ricki’s Good-Mood Morning

Yesterday morning Ricki woke up, it seems, in a good mood. When she entered my room all dressed at 6:30 AM, she was wearing an outfit that was as miss-matched as can be. I suggested what she could change (this skirt with the red vest, or this vest with a black skirt, and she went to change without bellowing out any dragon-fire. When she returned a few minutes later, with a COMPLETELY different outfit, equally atrocious in appearance, again I made suggestions, and again she looped off with a cheerful nod. A few moments passed, and she returned again with an entirely different outfit. (Apparently she did not want to “give in” to my advice, but DID want to look “OK”.) This third outfit was not to my taste, but it was passable, so I praised her on getting dressed so quickly, and let the outfit pass.
After getting dressed, she trooped off to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. She prepared a toasted cheese sandwich (eager to get a milk product into her diet). Hen I entered the kitchen (trying to reach the coffee-pot….) she proudly showed me her handiwork. Than she announced “I want to make an egg.”.
“But Ricki, you have already a toasted cheese sandwich!”
“That’s for school. This is for now….. but I will eat only one slice of bread, OK?” She then proceeded for the first time in recorded history to try and pour a reasonable amount of oil into the frying pan, rather than making a puddle of oil (over my protests), as she always does.

And all of this was done cheerfully, not in an argumentative way.
Then later, in the living room, she asked me to “write my foods” (see yesterday’s post).

Now all this doesn’t mean that she didn’t try and irk me once or twice during that one pre-school hour, but all in all, it was an excellent start to the day.


Batya said...

good news
She can do it.

Cindy said...

Great news. I love those moments when we can watch our kids mature and grow right before our eyes!