Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cancelled Postage Stamp

This post has nothing to do with Down syndrome, losing weight, or the like. But I think it shows so well how kids operate, that I couldn’t help but post it. My son agreed to let me post it.
Friday evenings “D” and “Y” are usually home, on leave from the army. After the evening shabbas seudah (festive Shabbat meal (and what soldier could pass THAT up?), the three of us will often talk about all sorts of things. This last weekend, we were looking at the collection that “Y” has gathered of postcards sent to the family from other family members over the years. One, from an older brother, had written in the corner next to the stamps, “Y, DON’T remove the stamps”. He had obviously feared that “Y” would remove the stamp, and damage the postcard while doing so.
“He had reason to be concerned” quipped “Y”, “He knew that I was collecting stamps. You know, he had a lovely collection of sets of stamps himself, and once when he was away, I snuck up to his room and took a few. Now he had told me once that cancelled stamps were worth more, so I took the set and ‘cancelled’ them with a (kiddie) stamp of a butterfly or something…”
Kids do the craziest things…..

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