Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Car Accident (not us!)

Yesterday was one of the first rainy evenings we have had this year, and the soakes-all-summer-long-in-motor-oil-streets were slippery. Ricki came into the house, after her ride home from the afternoon program, bursting with the news:
“There was an accident! I saw it! A car was hit and there was smoke! The car hit a pole….. 4 people were injured! A thousand were injured!”
Well, it was obvious that she had seen SOMETHING, but I never know how much to believe of Ricki’s reports. As I was wondering if there had really been anything serious, my son and law walked in.
“Boy, that was really some wreck down at the pole on the corner…”
But apparently no one was hurt. Certainly NOT a thousand. But most of her report was right on target.

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