Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last night Ricki and I spent the night at the hospital, redoing her sleep study. This time it was WITH a CPAP machine.
It will be a week or so before we get the results, but I am sure that there was definite improvement. The question the study will answer is “How much of an improvement”.
The first hour and a half she could have been a 1960’s teen doing the “twist”. She turned, sat up, and was uncomfortable with the air flow. But gradually she became a bit used to it, and when she fell asllep, she really SLEPT. After we get the test results (and recommendations, we will need in all probability to buy a CPAP. But if she will wake up as rested as she did this (Monday) morning, it will be worth it.
Uut of course the big question will be if she will really wear it…..


Batya said...

More and better sleep may make other improvements, but it's a machine you'll have to take care of.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Long time lurker here coming out to say that if CPAP is recommended, please be sure to work with the medical equipment company to ensure that Riki gets the best fitting, most comfortable mask for her. There are many models out there, and an uncomfortable mask (yes, ok, really none of them are so comfy!) will make it impossible for her to get the appropriate therapy. There are some great online resources for learning about CPAP usage that Riki (and you) should be aware of. There is not that much maintenance required, and at least a CPAP machine is a lot harder to loose than hearing aides or glasses! The benefits of restful sleep are not to be minimized, and I hope that the sleep study helps you and Riki's Drs to plan what will be most beneficial for her. Best of luck and please keep us updated!

mikimi said...

and is on the Maccabi plan

rickismom said...

anonymous, thanks for un-lurking to write these points!

Unknown said...
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